Fair Valley will follow all of the most up to date guidelines from the Montgomery County Health Department and the Ohio Department of Health.

See for the latest information. 

Fair Valley's Rules and Regulations

For the safety of all guests, please read over the general pool rules and consequences. 

1. No running. 

2. Do not talk to or distract guards while on duty. 

3. No food or drink in or near the edge of the pool. 

4. No alcoholic drinks in the pool area or on deck. 

5. All guests must check in. 

6. No glass containers of any kind. 

7. No unsafe play or activities. 

8. Guards' instructions must be followed by all members and guests. 

9. Children under the age of 12 must be accompanied by a parent/guardian, babysitter or older sibling age 16 and over.

10. Additional rules may apply based on current Ohio Department of Health regulations. 


1. Verbal warning. 

2. Manager will ask guest or member to leave for the day. Warning will be documented.

3. Frequent and/or egregious violations will be grounds for forfeiting membership (without refund) as determined by the FV Board.  

Weather Closure Policy.pdf